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  • Humans Can Discriminate 1 Trillion Odors
    21 March 2014

    Humans Can Discriminate 1 Trillion Odors

    The number of different odor mixtures people can distinguish is much larger than anticipated.

  • A War Within a War
    21 March 2014
    News Focus

    A War Within a War

    Fighting a major polio outbreak in the midst of Syria's bitter civil war is a test of commitment—and diplomacy.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood
    19 March 2014
    Sci. Transl. Med.

    There Goes the Neighborhood

    Immune cell composition in the tumor is associated with patient survival.

  • Another Notch in Ikaros' Belt
    18 March 2014
    Science Signaling

    Another Notch in Ikaros' Belt

    By binding to Notch target genes, Ikaros shuts off the expression of these genes in T cells and prevents the development of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  • Career Q&A
    19 March 2014
    Computer Science

    This Is What a Healthy Job Market Looks Like

    New data from the Computing Research Association show signs of vigor in computer science employment.

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21 March 2014 | NEWS FOCUS The Vigilante
When the ENCODE Project declared that there is no such thing as junk DNA, Dan Graur counterattacked. But does he go too far?

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Science Podcast

21 March 2014

On this week's show: human scent discrimination pegged at one trillion odors and a roundup from our daily news site. (0:16:50)

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